Can i send you 10-20 new customers this week?
Is there anything more frustrating than running social media ads with $0 return on your investment?
  • You spend hours crafting the perfect message.
  • Then you fumble your way through the process hoping you click all the right buttons.
  • You throw money at Facebook to run the ad...and then what happens?
  • ​The ad completes but not one customer takes action on your offer.
*** Which proves running ads on social media is easy however, acquiring customers using social media is more complex than simply posting selfies on Facebook. ***
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Retail Price Deluxe Ad Package $1499.00 / Now ($297) 
  • (1) Facebook AD
  • (1) Landing Page
  • (1) Thank you Page
  • ​(1) 4-to-5 Day Email sequence
  • ​(1) Facebook Retargeting Ad
  • ​(1) Personal Website Setup
  • ​(1) Ad Retargeting Configuration
  • ​(1) Ad Tuning and Optimization
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